I have written articles about Israeli art and culture. Most of the articles dealt with the rise of the Mizrahi culture. I contributed articles for academic books about the poets: Erez Bitton, Amira Hess, Bracha Serri, Miri Ben Simchon and more. I’ve also written articles about the artists: Joseph Sasson Semach, Avi Ganor, Eli Petel and more.



Book of Articles - Hebrew, Forthcoming

An eruption from the east: Re visiting the emergence of the Mizrahi artistic explosion and it's imprint on the Israeli cultural narrative 2006-2019

The idea of editing a book of articles came when I realized that a specific period in my life had ended. This period was shaped by the Mizrahi voice that I expressed together with a new generation of artists and writers, through endless performance activities in the periphery. Most articles were written during a single decade, 2006-2019. Israeli society has changed from one end to the other, and so have I. Dialectically, social hope has dissipated, and Mizrahi creativity has reached its zeniths. (The book will be published on “Iton 77” publisher house, on 2020).


כיצד להסביר ציד ארנבות לאמן גרמני מת 24.2.1986.jpg

Tohu Art MAGAZINE, 2019

How To Explain Hare Hunting To A Dead German Artist 

Joseph Sassoon Semah, a Baghdad-born artist who now lives and works in Amsterdam, is about to embark on an extensive multi-site project, in Amsterdam, Jerusalem, and Baghdad. Berlin-based poet and author Mati Shemoelof talks with him about his years living as an artist in Israel versus being a Babylonian Jew and an artist in Europe. They discuss Judaism, diaspora, exclusion, and acts of concealment and building.

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From 2018 I started to write for Plus61J magazine articles about the Jewish and Israeli life of Berlin. My writing is diverse and includes articles, interviews and columns. Plus 61j is an Australian magazine. It is, contemporary, bold publication established in April 2015 which focuses on Israel and the Palestinians, the Middle East region and also on issues of more general interest or concern in the Jewish world.

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“Eine Literaturkonferenz zur Erosion des Demokratischen”,2018

The Israeli Literary Diaspora

The rise of right-wing ideology in Israel has also influenced the literary scene. On 2015 “The Council for the Culture and Arts of the Lottery foundation” (In charge of organising the highest prize for literature in Israel - “The Sapir Prize”) decided that this prize belonged only to Israelis who had been living in Israel for the past 5 years.  

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Jalta Magazine, Neofelis Berlag, 2017

A Mizrahi in Berlin  

Mizrahi Culture refers to the Arab-Jews descents who immigrate to Israel from Both the Islamic region of the Mashrak and the Maghreb. Being Mizrahi in Berlin is a new identity because most of the Jews here are European Ashkenazi Jews. Our parents and grandparents immigrated to Israel and we are the one who emigrated from Israel to Berlin.

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Tel Aviv Museum, 2011

Alienated Past and Alienated Present: On the Engagement with Nightmarish Light  

The exhibition “RealityTrauma” is centered - conceptually, cyclically, and concretely - on two notions: reality and trauma, which emerge connected like Siamese twins. In order to trace their meaning, one must first perform an initial (painful) surgical separation. The dissociation of the conjoined bodies will be performed in theory, only to reveal that we move in a concentric circle around the work, which, concurrently, moves in a concentric circle around us.

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