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Guerrilla Culture, 2012

Larochav Magazine

Larochav is a unique Arab-Jewish bilingual artistic and literary journal that was edited by both Jewish and Arabic editors: Almog Behar, Naama Gershy, Tamer Massalha and myself. It dealt with the question of how catastrophe is constructing our lives.

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כיצד להסביר ציד ארנבות לאמן גרמני מת 24.2.1986.jpg

Guerrilla Culture, 2012

Avodat Giloy

The 2012 pamphlet Unveiling Work (‘Avodat gilui), published by Guerilla tarbut and editedby Tahel Frosh and me, draw attention to the physical and material conditions of Israel’s economic and labor policies.

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Guerrilla Culture, 2011

Revolution SONGS-BOOK: tents poetry

The Revolution Songs-Book: Tents Poetry is a compilation protest book that came to life exactly one month following the eruption of the Israeli protest movement in July 2011. It reflects the variety of social poetical voices who were calling for Social Justice in Israel.

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activestills, 2010

We Will Not Leave: Photography and Poetry from Sheikh Jarrah

This special bilingual anthology deals with the dispossess of the local Palestinian community in East Jerusalem neighborhood that currently occupied by Israeli settlers.

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PARDES publishing, 2010

The Influence of the Palestinian Nacba on the Hebrew Poetry

The influence of the Nakba on the Hebrew poetry, 1958-1948, is a collection of Hebrew poetry that contains the presence of the Palestinian Nakba. It is the fruit of a long and comprehensive archive study, during which books of poetry and the Hebrew press.

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The Best Poems of Guerrilla-Culture.png

PARDES publishing, 2010

The Best Poems of Guerrilla-Culture

The best poems of Guerrilla Culture movement was a supplement volume that was published with the "Daka"  literary journal on 2010 (volume 6). Editors: Navit Barel, Roni Hirsch and me. It contains poems that were read in protest all around Israel.

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Eastward: A Literary Journal, No. 15, 2009


In this issue that was published as a comics book we dealt with the existence of social and political comics in Israel. Our main editorial questions were: why there is not a Mizrahi comics in Israel? And what are the aims of the Palestinian comics?

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2nd ed. Guerrilla Culture, 2009


Latzet! [Out Now!] is a poetry and art anthology against Israel's war on Gaza and violent neglect of its own citizens in the south. It has been prepared with great urgency and rage, at the outbreak of the war, as an act of emergency protest.

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Eastward: A Literary Journal, No. 14, 2007


This issue deals with hybrids, that is, the way in which two or more identities that are incompatible with each other's cultural imagination coexist in one body: national, social, communal, familial or private.

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About Hybrid Identities


Eastward: A Literary Journal, No. 13, 2007

Writing about Soccer

Very little has been written about soccer in Israel from a critical, class, social, gender, queer and political perspectives. Both the academia and the field of fine literature, have positioned soccer in the narrow field of Folklore and Popular Culture, thus disregarding it.

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Hakivun Mizrah, Maayan and Etgar, 2007

Red: Social poetry of working class

It seems that for years, no class poetry has been written in Israel and certainly has not been defined as such. But today the situation has changed. After years of silence it is possible and desirable to write red poetry. We see in the collection of poems a new union of workers and a large-scale printed proof beneath the surface, full of writing on class issues.

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Am-Oved publishers, With Nir Baram and Nafthaly Shem Tov, 2007

Echoing Identities

This anthology records diverse answers from young Mizrahis who refuse to have their identity erased, then re-labelled as Israeli. This second generation experienced the pain of being “thrown into the melting pot”, the idea that dominated the Israeli discourse in it´s early years.

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Eastward: A Literary Journal, No. 12, 2006

About The Poetry of Erez Bitton

This issue is devoted to the first part of the unique poetic work of the poet Erez Bitton. A renewed reading of Bitton's writings will contribute to the literary, cultural and political discourse in Israel. Erez Bitton gave permission to poets and Mizrahi artists to express the conflicts when confronting Mizrahi consciousness with Israeli consciousness.

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