As a poet and lecturer I have performed on stages and in halls all over the world. My first foray into theater was in 1996 while studying Dramatic Writing at Tel Aviv university’s theater department. Since then I have written several plays, one of which “What Was Born Out Of Memorial Day” was selected to participate in the “Small Stage” (Bama Ktana) festival in 2003 and received glowing reviews and accolades. I’ve also had the pleasure of being an actor in a few plays most notably the well-received “Good Energies”.  After moving to Berlin I had the opportunity to write my first Radio sketch “The Future Shore” in 2018 and I am now working on the next one.


RADIO SKETCH (HörspieL), WDR, 2018

The future shore

Tel Aviv, 2048: Amir has fled war-torn Europe to his father's land. There, in the young Levantine Union, he waits for Anna, whom he had left behind, being on the run. While Europe collapses with right-wing terror and civil war, the Middle East is peaceful. Ten years earlier, the Levantine Union was founded there, a union of states from the Arabian Peninsula to the Black Sea. From Dubai via Basra and Jerusalem to Istanbul freedom of movement and democracy prevail.

I am currently in dialogue with a Berlin theatre group to adapt my Hörspiel (radio sketch) into a full theater play. For collaborations please write me



I received my Bachelor degree in Theater studies (Dramatic Writing) in 1999 from the University of Tel Aviv. In 2003 I wrote, produced and directed the play “What Was Born Out of Memorial Day”, it was selected to be part of the “Small Bama” Festival (The festival of little stage) in Tel Aviv University.

In 2011 I participated as an actor in the successful theater show “Good Energies”. This show dealt with the distribution of the natural gas profits in Israel and was performed all over the country, receiving glowing reviews and accolades.