I’m involved in creating cultural projects all over the world. My idea is to use literature and poetry in order to create diverse transnational communities. National borders made out of ideas. I do think that literature and poetry and other arts can create passports to worlds we never did visit. The writing of the Immigrant and refugees is the best tool to resist these extreme national winds.


LIterary Group

Anu אנו نحن: Jews and Arabs Writing in Berlin

The project Jews and Arabs writing stories in Berlin aims to be the very first Literary Group to work through and with the specificity of the Mizrahi culture in Berlin, side to side with authors and poets who arrived from the same locations. We want to see the difference that has shaped our lives become apparent in our words. But more importantly, we want to see the similarities we share.

Monthly Event

Poetic Hafla

“Poetic Hafla (“Party” in Arabic) was a monthly event for multilingual literary readings, spoken-word poetry and interdisciplinary performance art that took place at various venues throughout the city (2016-2018). Organised by Israelis but attended by guests of various national backgrounds, the Poetic Hafla reflects my belief that Berlin is not simply a city once conquered by Hitler or divided by a menacing wall but rather a liberal environment in which linguistic, cultural and religious identities can be negotiated openly, indeed, a city where walls can and should be toppled..”


Hebrew/English Writing workshop

Living in a different country, in a foreign society, forces us to deal with a variety of issues. It begins with the mundane and bureaucratic, continues with the dialogue between the foreign and familiar and goes deeper into questions related to national, cultural and personal identity. The language with which we speak and write plays an essential part in this process.


Without BORDERS: Online Writing workshop

The online writing workshop of the writers Mati Shemoelof and Itamar Orlev, who live in Berlin, is due to open immediately after Passover / Easter on April 30 (first session but one can enter it in any time). The online writing workshop will bring together Hebrew writers from all over Europe for a two-hour weekly meeting. In the workshop we will practice together the essential elements of writing.


Israeli writers living Abroad

In a new collection of short stories and poems on which I edit with Yaron Avitov we will examine the shape of the Israeli literature outside of Israel. The collection will include the creative forces of Israelis and non-Jews who continue to create and publish in Hebrew. It will deal with issues of identity, immigration and creativity outside of Israel, exile and kingdoms, descent and immigration, Judaism and religion, nostalgia, the tension between homeland memory and integration, belonging to a global age, time travel, political alternative, Post-Israelism and others.