Fiction Overview

Kinneret Zmora publishers, Tel-Aviv,  2014

“Remnants of the Cursed Book”



A fictional character seeks revenge on the writer who got her pregnant and gave her AIDS; a novice writer aiming to promote her book decides to reveal that a famous author habitually sleeps with his students; an artist dies during a routine procedure and tells the story of his life to a dancer who really wanted to become a poet; an ancient Greek philosopher takes to Twitter; a frustrated Israeli writer in post-apocalyptic Berlin finds the protagonist of his former novel seated beside him at a bar; an aging writer sells his soul to the devil…

The short stories collection, “Remnants of the Cursed Book” was published by Kinneret Zmora publishers (2014) the leading publishers in Israel. The editors were Prof. Yigal Schwartz and Tamar Bialik. The book has won the 2015 award for Best Book of the Year of "Yekum Tarbut" website. My short stories were translated and published in different anthologies.

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